Welcome to the web page for the FIELDS Experiment for the Parker Solar Probe.

Quick status (updated 2021 June 28):

PSP/FIELDS data release 8 includes data from Encounter 7 in January 2021 and Venus flyby 4. See the Data page for details.

Previous updates
2021 April 5

PSP/FIELDS data release 7 includes data from Encounter 6 in September 2020. See the Data page for details.

2020 November 16

PSP/FIELDS data release 6 includes new data from Encounters 4 and 5, and Venus flyby 3. See the Data page for details.

2020 October 19

PSP/FIELDS data release 5.1 includes new versions of DFB search coil burst waveform, and DFB differential voltage survey waveform data. See the Data page and the release notes for details.

2020 September 15

PSP/FIELDS survey data from Encounter 4 was publicly released on September 15. See the Data page for details.

2020 August 4

PSP/FIELDS data from the first two Venus flybys, TDS waveform data, and Level 3 merged search coil and waveform data, was publicly released on August 4.

2020 Jun 19

The PSP spacecraft has successfully completed its fifth solar encounter, with perihelion on 2020 Jun 07.

Data from the previous encounter will be released later this summer (exact date TBD).

2020 Apr 14

PSP/FIELDS select data from solar encounter 3, and survey data through 2020 January 14, was publicly released on 2019 April 14.  See the Data page for details.

The PSP spacecraft has successfully completed its fourth solar encounter, with perihelion on 2020 January 29.

2020 Feb 10

PSP/FIELDS survey data from solar encounter 3 was released on 2020 February 10.

2019 Nov 12

Parker Solar Probe/FIELDS data for the first two encounters was publicly released on 2019 November 12 at 9 AM Pacific time.

2018 Dec 17

The Parker Solar Probe (PSP) spacecraft launched August 12, 2018 on a Delta IV Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral. It successfully flew by Venus on October 3, 2018, and has successfully completed two solar encounters, in October-November 2018 and March-April 2019.

In December, the first FIELDS data from encounter was telemetered to the ground from the spacecraft.  The FIELDS science team was able to use this data to verify that the instrument performed well, taking valuable science data throughout the encounter.  The remainder of the data from the encounter will be telemetered after the second encounter, in April 2019.

2018 Sep 3

The PSP magnetometer boom, which houses the three FIELDS magnetometers and the FIELDS V5 sensor, was successfully deployed on August 13, 2018. The FIELDS V1-V4 antennas were successfully deployed on September 2, 2018.

2017 Jul 05

The FIELDS Main Electronics Package (MEP) was delivered to APL in Laurel, MD in April 2017.

The FIELDS sensors (magnetometers and antennas) were delivered to APL in May and June 2017.

After launch, data from the FIELDS instruments will be available on this website.