DFB SCM survey and burst waveform data

PSP/FIELDS data release 5.1, on October 19, 2020, updates the dfb_dbm_scm and dfb_wf_dvdc data types to version 3. The new data versions contain significant corrections to the previously released data, […]

Here's what one of the @PSP_FIELDS magnetometers saw: The large spacecraft-generated field rapidly drops off as the boom deploys and carries the magnetometer away from the spacecraft body–that means we […]

Yesterday, the 2017 solar eclipse crossed the country. Many Berkeley/SSL scientists traveled to the path of totality, including members of the Eclipse MegaMovie team. In Oregon: Joining #Selfiebud #MegaMovie @SolarEclipse2017 […]

PSP Rocket Arrives

The Parker Solar Probe (PSP) spacecraft will launch in summer 2018 on a ULA Delta IV Heavy rocket. Two of the three first stage booster cores were delivered to the […]